A Handbook Of Traditional Living:

Raido – A Handbook Of Traditional Living

This book consists of two texts. The first is a summary of the principal ideas of Julius Evola. The second presents a practical guide for living as a traditionalist. An important read for anyone alive and awake in our time.



Inner Traditions


Introduction To Philosophy:

For those who want to learn philosophy.

George Joyce – Principles of Logic

Aristotle – The Metaphysics

John Rickaby – General Metaphysics

Joseph Rickaby – Moral Philosophy

John Rickaby – The First Principles of Knowledge

Leslie Walker – Theories of Knowledge

The Dark Enlightenment:

The Dark Enlightenment (DE) is a reactionary movement against the untrue progressive shibboleths that dominate our society. The fundamental premise of DE is that men are not equal. –

Introduction To The Dark Enlightenment

The Dark Enlightenment – Nick Land

Cyber Reactionaries


Jay’s Analysis

The Julius Evola Archive

Citadel Foundations


Fog Of Chaos