1.Ride the Tiger

2.Men Among the Ruins

3.Introduction to Magic

4.Meditation on the Peaks

5.Doctrine of Awakening

6.The Yoga of Power

7.The Metaphysics of Sex

8.The Metaphysics of War

9.Fascism Viewed From the Right

10.Heathen Imperialism

11.The Meaning and Context of Zen

12.Hermetic Tradition

13.Against The Neopagans

14.The Path of Cinnabar

15.Do we Live in a Gynaecocratic Society?

16.The Mystery of the Grail

17.Revolt Against the Modern World

18.The Path of Enlightenment According to the Mithraic Mysteries

19.Taoism the Magic, the Mysticism

20.On the Secret of Degeneration

21.Notes on the Third Reich

22.The Meaning and Context Of Zen

23.What Tantrism Means to Modern Western Civilization

24.American Civilisation

25.Hitler and the Secret Societies

26.On Crowley

27.On De Maistre

28.René Guénon a Teacher for Modern Times

29.The Tragedy of the Romanian Iron Guard

30.Race as a Builder of Leaders

31.Giovanni Gentile – Part 1

32.Giovanni Gentile – Part 2

33.Giovanni Gentile – Part 3




37.The Mystique of Race in Ancient Rome

38.Race And The Myth Of The Origins Of Rome

39.The Fire of Creation

40.Contemporary Requirements for Magical Idealism

41.The Elements of Racial Education

42.Three Aspects of the Jewish Problem











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